Juniper Wood

Food For Thought! Big News! Juniper Lumber Is Better Than Pressure Treated!

The ECO benefits and performance of Juniper Lumber is unmatched in the industry. According to a press release on August 2011, Juniper is becoming better known day by day.

Well, there are a lot of people who know very little about this amazing tree, which is quickly becoming known as "Wonder Wood".

Here are some facts to help you understand Juniper wood and it's benefits:

There are several varieties of Juniper wood.

The largest Juniper trees can top 80 feet tall.

Juniper is a water hog and a very aggressive grower.

It can dominate a landscape in as little as 20 years.

Juniper is the most naturally rot resistant lumber available from North America.

Juniper can last up to and beyond 50 years in the ground with no chemical treatment.

Juniper is aromatic and repels insects.

Juniper is BEAUTIFUL!

Juniper is our new favorite word. How about you?