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Our Consulting Fee Schedule



CONSULTING - on Logging, Sawing, Milling, Equipment, Storage, Staging, Markets

Consultant LD Henderson of River Loggers will provide consulting services Industry participants on an “as available” on request basis. A day fee of $400 will apply when services are provided to help with managing logging and milling operations and the included advice sessions on methods and operations. This fee will apply for a full day cost if the time involved is over 3 hours. Short time sessions that do not interfere with the operations of River Resources own business may be billed at a lower rate - not less than $200

Any expense of travel or equipment incurred will also be applied to invoices -

RECEIPTED Payment on site at the time of consulting. Credit is not a part of our service.

Invoices will reflect the time invested and any additional expenses. They will include at least a one line description of the service rendered - if only “advisory to methods and procedures for logging or milling”.

FINISHING and Milling and preparing any product for market at the request of Company or individuals. USE OF the equipment or personnel involved with River Loggers will be billed at market rates and may be discounted relative to any consulting fees that are concurrently provided. RECEIPTED payment due at time of service or consulting.

SALES CONSULTING - Sales Commission

River Resources - (LD Henderson) will seek and offer for sale into markets the products available from allied industry participants. When those sales occur and are paid to River Resources a 20 percent sales commission will accrue to River Resources, LLC before payment to the client resource provider . An invoice to the provider will accompany billing of the customer. This will be payable on receipt regardless if the payment is made through River Resources or directly to the provider.**

(**If customers are granted a delayed payment invoice - the payment of commission

will reflect the time involved.)


CONSULTING --- $400/day, minimum $200


All fees payable the day of the service or in case of sales - the day of payment received.

River Resources -- LD Henderson -- - - 850.612-4842

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