Cooperative FAQ

Who owns River City Housing Collective's houses?
River City Housing Collective, Inc. RCHC is an incorporated 501c3 nonprofit. As a corporation, RCHC owns our assets, but the membership controls them. If RCHC were to cease operations, assets remaining after settling debts would be distributed to other nonprofits.

Do members own shares?
No, members do not purchase shares. Our members cannot build equity or receive dividends. Members sign a leasing agreement for a room at one of our houses in exchange for affordable rent, democratic control, and community living. 

If members don't own the houses, then what does your vision statement mean by 'instilling a sense of ownership?'
While you are an active member of RCHC, you will exercise all of the responsibilities of home ownership, including the care and maintenance of our property.  

Who's in charge?
All of us!