• Education & Culture - Education and Culture is one of the many fun committees that contribute to the well-being of the Collective. If you love to plan parties then this could be the committee for you! Ed/Cult organizes social events like our annual Halloween party and camping trips, skill-shares, to provide a platform for members to share their talents, and events benefiting the wider community such as group volunteer days. 
  • Finance & Development - Manages the community's finances, helps with fundraising, and creates plans for future development,
  • Healthy Communications Committee - The Healthy Communication Committee is dedicated to improving communication throughout the co-op. We provide both training in effective, healthy communication methods as well as conflict mediation services to members of the collective. Our aim is to provide a safe space for community members to address concerns and resolve disputes.
  • Maintenance - The Maintenance committee responds to repairs and other maintenance needs that arise at our properties,
  • Membership - Membership is in charge of communication with prospective members and keeping the houses occupied.

Members of the community are asked to select one committee as their primary committee and commit to attending at least one committee meeting per month. Participating in more than one committee is highly encouraged! 

Committee chairs are elected at the General Membership Meeting near the beginning of each lease term.