Ritmos Latinos Indiana dances, teaches, and performs rueda de casino, a group form of salsa that originated in Cuba. Rueda (from the Spanish word for "wheel") is danced in a circle and is led by a caller who signals the moves. As the dancers, or salseros, shift from one partner to the next, they move around the wheel, or make a circuit of the rueda.

Most of the dance moves for rueda de casino can also be used in partner style salsa. When these moves are done with the same footwork as in the rueda, the resulting dance is called casino style salsa -- it's a style that's quite popular in Cuba.

Ritmos Latinos Indiana works primarily with rueda de casino because the rapid switching between dance partners creates a more social culture within the group. It also allows people to improve their dancing more quickly by learning to dance with many different salsa partners. Ritmos Latinos Indiana also teaches basic merengue and bachata, and partner salsa moves as well through our partner dance lessons.


The primary mission of Ritmos Latinos Indiana is to foster a supportive and inclusive social group through rueda de casino for all interested individuals at all skill levels, while cultivating an appreciation for Cuban and Latin music, dance, and culture. We strive to create a learning environment that is friendly, engaging, and free from pressure.


Ritmos Latinos is a salsa dance community with branches throughout the world. The original group was started in Tucson, Arizona, as a student club at the University of Arizona. Ritmos Latinos Indiana in Bloomington began in 2007 and grew to over 80 members within the first few years.