Triumph Motorcycles 1934-1953

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If you have contemporary pictures of rigid Triumphs, or of barn-find original bikes it would be great to see them! I am also always interested to get complete sets of numbers (frame/engine/first date of registration) for my pre-war register. See 'Numbers'

1935/36 Triumph 5/1 Arrives in the shop!

Registered December 1935 so technically a 1936 model, although I think 1935/36 are pretty much the same. Lots of horrible things have been done to it and it's lost a lot of hard-to-find parts, but it's not bad overall. Not to be 'restored' but tidied up and made safe and running. Information on these Val Page bikes is very scarce and parts non existent. Anybody else doing one? I could do with some info on what some parts look like. . .