RIEF Prize Winners

F.. Montag and G. de Souza, RIEF 2022


2022 Sciences Po Felix Montag (Dartmouth) and Gustavo de Souza (Chicago Fed)

2021 PSE Fabrizio Leone (ULB-ECARES) in International Trade and Fernando Stipanicic (TSE) in Spatial Economics.

2019 Aix-Marseille School of Economics Alessandro Ferrari (EUI) in International Macroeconomics and Marta Santamaria (Warwick) in Urban Economics.

2018, Munich (Ifo/CESifo): Anja Grujovic (CEMFI) in Urban Economics, Jan David Bakker (university of Oxford and CEP) in International Trade.

2017, Lille (LEM-CNRS): Liuchun Deng (Johns Hopkins University, now at Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH)) and Guzman Ourens (FNRS and IRES, Université Catholique de Louvain), both in International Macroeconomics and Trade.

2016, Florence (EUI) : Anil Ari (University of Cambridge) in International Macroeconomics, Mauro Boffa (University of Geneva, now at the World Bank) in International Trade.

2015, Orléans (LEO-CNRS): Miklos Vari (Banque de France and PSE), Pauline Gandré (École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, now at Université Paris-Ouest), both in International Macroeconomics.

2014, Zurich: Brahim Boualam (University of Geneva, now at UQAM) in Urban Economics, Anna Gumpert (University of Munich) in International Trade.

2013, Paris (U. Paris 1): Claudia Steiwender (LSE, now at MIT Sloan Applied Economics Group), in International Trade, Thomas Grjebine (Science Po, now at CEPII) and Francois Geerolf (Sciences Po, now at UCLA) in International Macroeconomics.

2012, Milan (Bocconi): Tommaso Trani (Graduate institute of Geneva, now at Univ. of Navarra) in International Macroeconomics, Anna Ray (Paris School of Economics) in International Trade.

2011, Nice: Julie Regolo (Univ. of Geneva), Mathieu Parenti (Paris School of Economics, now at ULB-ECARES), both in International Trade.

2010, Kiel: Tim Schmidt-Eisenlohr (European University Institute, now at the Federal Reserve Board), in both International Trade and Macroeconomics.