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Intermatic Motor Repair

All of the Arrow Ball Clocks use an Intermatic motor.  Many other items also use this motor.  See my list below.

Olympia Beer Sign Motors:  If you are working on an Olympia Beer Sign Motor:  Please see my Olympia note below.

Is Your Clock Not Working?    

There is one gear inside the motor of all of these clocks that has disintegrated over time.  The type of material it was made from in 1978 breaks down with age.  It weakens and simply falls apart: Whether it was used or not.  All of those original gears will fail at some point in time, and the motor will not work.   

I have the gears you need to replace that faulty gear.  These are brand new gears; made from updated, modern materials. I will send you both of the gears that are under the motor cover (see pictures below).  These motors will work like new with these brand new gears.

You may find comfort in knowing that replacing these gears is absolutely the #1 fix for the, "My Motor Does Not Run" issue.  I want to use the words, "These will fix almost all of them," but there could be a couple other reasons it does not run.  That is why you are going to Test your motor and gears first. 
My Motor Repair Video will show you how to Test the gear to see if it's bad, and check to see if everything else in the motor case is okay.  

Please watch my Motor Repair Video for:
   *  Full, detailed instructions.
   *  How to open your motor cover.
   *  How to Test your gear to verify you have a bad gear.
   *  How to replace the bad gear.
   *  After you have determined that the gears under the motor cover are bad:  Please scroll ahead to minute 29:00 in my video to test and make sure all the other gears (the side gears) are good.  

Before you order a set of new gears:
 *  Please test your main gears and make sure that they are indeed bad.
 *  Please test your side gears (as mentioned above, minute 29:00) to make sure they are all good.
 *  If you find that any of your side gears are bad (this is rare), please contact me for assistance before you place an order.  I can repair or replace almost all of them.
 *  Feel free to contact me with any other questions or concerns.

If you have any questions or concerns before you place an order:  Please write to me and so we can discuss what you're thinking.  I can answer your questions and/or help put your mind at ease. 
If you have any issues at all while installing these, please don’t hesitate and contact me right away so I can help you.  
I am always glad to help.

These gears fit Intermatic Motors with the following numbers:
If you have an Intermatic motor that is not on this list:  Please contact me with all of your motor's numbers and details.  I would enjoy trying to help you get yours working again.  
The hyphens and spaces may, or may not, be on your motor.  The letters and numbers are all that is important.

 WG-1040WG 1040 WG1040 
 WG-1420WG 1420 WG1420
 WG-1420-1WG 1420-1  WG1420-1
 WG-1420-2WG 1420-2  WG1420-2
 WG-1420-3 WG 1420-3 WG1420-3
 WG-1450WG 1450  WG1450
 WG-1470WG 1470  WG1470
 WG-1640 WG 1640 WG1640
 WG-430-3WG 430-3  WG430-3
 WG-500WG 500  WG500
 WG-500-1WG 500-1 WG500-1 
 WG-500-2WG 500-2 WG500-2
 WG-500-3WG 500-3 WG500-3
 WG-500-4WG 500-4 WG500-4
 WG-5094WG 5094  WG5094
 WG-5094-1WG 5094-1  WG5094-1
 CM-10CM 10  CM10
 CM-10-2CM 10-2 CM10-2
  WG1B9B.  Sankyo Intermatic.  Please contact me for information.
  WG6A5A.  Sankyo Intermatic.  Please contact me for information.
  WG6B9A.  Sankyo Intermatic.  Please contact me for information. 

These motors are used in:
Arrow Handicraft Ball Clock
Arrow Domino Clock
Arrow Coin Clock
Olympia Waterfall Barrel-Head Beer Sign
Olympia Gold (Starburst) Beer Sign
Lone Star (Starburst) Beer Sign
Some Kit Cat Klocks
Some Sankyo Digital Clocks
Some Jefferson Golden Hour Mystery Clocks
Some Panasonic Digital Clocks and Clock Radios
Some Zenith Digital Clocks and Clock Radios
Pool Timers
Hot Tub / Spa Timers
And Many Other Items

Olympia Beer Sign Motors:  If you are working on (or want me to repair for you) an Olympia Beer Sign motor:  Please contact me before you make a purchase.  There is an additional possible failure point on those motors that I want to talk to you about.  I will send you my step-by-step procedures showing you how to test your motor to determine if it has this issue, or not.  

You can purchase a set of new gears at the bottom of this page. 
You are purchasing only the set of gears:  Not the entire motor.


My Motor Testing & Repair Video
You can enlarge this to full screen by clicking the box on the bottom row, at the right.
You can Pause and Play this with the button at the lower left.

When purchasing these gears you have two options:
1. Buy the Gear Set and Install It Yourself.
2. Buy the Gear Set and Have Me Install It In Your Motor For You.

Please know:
I usually ship items the same day you order it.  I advertise my terms as, "I will ship within one day of your order" just in case I am out doing something else that day.

No Returns
These gears are brand new and there is nothing to break.  I hand inspect every one before I send them out, and I ship them in a rigid cardboard box for protection.
Please Test the gears in your motor (watch the video above) and make sure you need these before you order them.
If you have any questions or difficulties while installing these, please contact me right away so I can help you resolve them.

Option 1:  Buy the Gear Set (and Install It Yourself): 

The Cost is $37.94.  ($33.95 for the Gear Set and $3.99 Shipping).  I will ship the gears to the address shown in your PayPal Account.    

Please make sure you have watched my video, tested your motor, and determined that your gears are indeed bad before you buy these.  

International Orders:  I gladly ship Internationally.  However, please do not click on the Buy Now button below.  
Please contact me for a shipping quote first.

Option 1.
Buy the Gear Set (and Install It Yourself)

The Gear Set is $37.94
($33.95 plus $3.99 Shipping)

Option 2:  Buy the Gear Set And Have Me Install It For You:  

The Cost is $54.94 
($33.95 for the Gear Set, $12 for me to clean & lubricate the motor - and install the new gears, $4.99 Shipping back to you, and $4 for $100 worth of insurance on my shipping it back to you).
You are responsible for the cost to ship the motor to me.  

I will test your motor, clean and lubricate all the required shafts, and then install a new Gear Set.  After I replace the gears I will run the motor through quite a few cycles of on-off-on-off to ensure the motor and the new gears work as they should.  I will then let it run all day to get it warm, turn it off and let it cool overnight, and then test it again (cold) in the morning.  I will do that for a couple days.  Then, I will ship it back to you.  I know you are anxious to get your motor back; however, my doing these extra steps assures me and you that these gears have fixed your motor.  

As explained in my video above:  Some of these motor cases do not simply unscrew to take them apart.  Some have to be pried apart, and some have to be cut open.  If yours has to be pried or cut open - I may put some cut marks or nicks on the motor case while I take it apart.  You may also see some glue on the edges.  

By choosing this option:  You understand, accept, and are agreeing to these possible marks, glue, and modifications to your motor case.  Your motor will mount to the clock frame and function as it should.   

After you make this purchase:  I will send you an email with my name and address.  Please ship your motor that address.  
Please ship it in a rigid, cardboard box (not a padded/bubble mailer).  Please consider adding insurance to your package.  
Include your name and the PayPal Invoice Number in your package.  I will ship the motor back to you using the name and address that is listed on your PayPal account.

If you already attempted to do the repair yourself, possibly damaged something, and now would like me to repair it:  Please Contact Me before you choose this option.  I would like to know what you are seeing before you send it to me.

Reimbursement For This Option Only:  If you choose to have me Install the gears in your motor; and when I Install them, they do not fix your motor:
I will reimburse your PayPal account for the amount you paid for the gears and my repair charge only; not the cost of your shipping it or me, or my fees to ship it back to you.  I would reimburse you $45.95 ($33.95 + $12 repair fee) = $45.95  

Instructions For Option 2:
   *  Do not open the motor case. 
   *  Do not remove the electrical cord.  You run a very high risk of permanently damaging the motor if you try to remove the wires.  
   *  Do not send me the pick-up arm nor the posts the motor attaches to.  Only send me the motor, in it's case, with it's power cord

International Orders This option is available to international customers.  However, please do not click on the Buy Now button below.  
Please contact me to discuss any additional costs first.  

Option 2.
Buy the Gear Set and Have Me Install it For You.

The Cost is $54.94
($33.95, plus $12, plus $4.99 Shipping, plus $4 insurance on my shipping it back to you)


To say the least Rick is very knowledgeable and awesome to work with! After speaking with him and ordering parts for the motor in my vintage beer sign, it still failed to work. I sent the motor to him as it was not running at all and he had it working in no time, all the while staying in contact with me on the progress. The personalized customer service I received is not readily found now days and his workmanship is top notch. I would definately  recommend Rick and his business.

Terry M. from ND    January 23, 2018  

To say Rick knows these motors would be an understatement, his intimate knowledge of how they operate coupled with how they are mechanically put together is as if he is the original inventor.  Not only were the gears shot on my motor but the copper coil electronics wiring was broken as well, Rick was able to practically rebuild the entire motor which I thought would have to be scrapped and now it runs better than new!  His communications throughout this process keeping my updated was very professional, I would give his prices and services a trusting 5 star rating.

Mike Gravelle  mike.gravelle21@gmail.com    January 4, 2018