I develop the following projects:


A stand alone Python script that converts a svg file into a complementary tex and pdf file for use with latex.

Linux Desktop Audit

A tool-set that runs in the background recording screensaver, window and workspace events on your desktop. Its use is in automatically identifying how much time you spend on different activities on desktops which have D-Bus and libwnck (Gnome, KDE, etc).

cross-stitch-turbo page

This is a reworking of my favourite cross stitch software to include 'detail threads'.


Another python script - this time to convert a PostgreSQL schema (from pg_dump) into an svg diagram. I find this useful to generate visual representations of Pg databases.


convert from svg to js/html5 canvas calls. Originally developed for the 'health and safety' demo.

Rhythmbox plugin for Project Gutenberg

A plugin for Rhythmbox to enable Project Gutenberg audio book listings.


a script to configure 'recordmydesktop' and pulseaudio to record a skype audio and video call. Linux only.

Project Drainpipe

A RESTful tracker.

Other bits and bobs:
A couple of Javascript demos as Neuralyte team for Sundown Demo.
A hobby electronics project using the Arduino platform.
CONFIRMdb: A database of hiphop years old and still in stealth mode...
I post to my blog: the Crisp Packet Data Centre.
Ben Dromey sonified Japan radiation data, I gave him a hand with data munging.