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Nov. 2015: Welcome to Claire Nimlos as the newest graduate student in the group!

Sep. 2015: Congratulations to John, Michael, and Jamie for receiving Eastman Travel Grants to deliver oral presentations at the 2015 AIChE meeting.

Aug. 2015: The undergraduate class of 2015 selects Raj Gounder to receive the Shreve Award for Outstanding Teaching in Chemical Engineering.

Aug. 2015: Congratulations to Ravi Joshi for receiving the 2015 Phillips 66 Graduate Fellowship!

Aug. 2015: Congratulations to Jacklyn Hall for receiving a top poster prize at the 2015 Purdue SURF Research Symposium, and to Michael Cordon, her graduate mentor, for receiving the SURF Graduate Mentor of the Summer Award!

archived news items

[24] Synthetic Control of the Isolation and Pairing of Framework Aluminum Atoms in Chabazite Zeolites, J. R. Di Iorio, R. Gounder*, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., (2015) submitted

[23] Titration and Quantification of Open and Closed Lewis Acid Sites in Sn-Beta Zeolites that Catalyze Glucose Isomerization, J. W. Harris, M. J. Cordon, J. R. Di Iorio, J. C. Vega-Vila, F. H. Ribeiro, R. Gounder*, J. Catal., (2015) submitted

[19] The Dynamic Nature of Brønsted Acid Sites in Cu–Zeolites During NOx Selective Catalytic Reduction: Quantification by Gas-Phase Ammonia Titration, J. R. Di Iorio, S. A. Bates, A. A. Verma, W. N. Delgass, F. H. Ribeiro, J. T. Miller, R. Gounder*, Top. Catal., 58 (2015) 424-434

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