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Heterogeneous Catalysis · Kinetics and Mechanisms · Zeolite Synthesis

Fuels and Chemicals Production · Automotive Pollution Abatement


Dec. 2018: Congratulations to John Di Iorio for graduating with a PhD! We wish him the best in his next position as a postdoctoral researcher at MIT in the group of Yuriy Román!

Nov. 2018: Congratulations to Phil Kester for receiving the top poster prize in the the CRE Division Poster Session at the 2018 AIChE meeting!

Nov. 2018: Welcome to Brandon Bolton, Sopuru Ezenwa, and Andrew Mikes as the newest graduate students in the group!

Oct. 2018: Congratulations to Ravi Joshi for his paper on ethene dimerization mechanisms on Ni-zeolites being accepted!

Sep. 2018: Congratulations to Michael Cordon for his paper on entropy effects on sugar isomerization catalysis in hydrophobic zeolites being accepted!

Sep. 2018: Congratulations to Rohan Dighe for receiving a 2018 AIChE Donald Othmer Sophomore Academic Excellence Award!