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Heterogeneous Catalysis · Kinetics and Mechanisms · Zeolite Synthesis

Fuels and Chemicals Production · Automotive Pollution Abatement


Aug. 2019: Congratulations to our Northwestern collaborators and Elizabeth Bickel for our paper on microkinetic modeling of propene oligomerization on acid zeolites being accepted in ACS Catalysis!

Aug. 2019: Congratulations to Claire Nimlos and Laura Wilcox for receiving first place oral and poster prizes at the Purdue GSO Symposium!

Aug. 2019: Welcome to Siddarth Krishna as the newest postdoctoral fellow in the group, and Juan Alban as a new undergraduate in the group!

Jul. 2019: Congratulations to Ravi Joshi for graduating with a PhD and starting his new job at Phillips 66!

Jun. 2019: Congratulations to ND/BASF co-workers for our paper on the role of organic structure-directing agents on Al siting in CHA being accepted in JPCC!

Jun. 2019: Congratulations to Young, Phil and co-workers for their paper on influencing Al arrangement in B-Al-MFI being accepted in I&ECR!