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Apr. 2018: Congratulations to John Di Iorio for receiving the Faculty Lectureship Award in Purdue ChE!

Apr. 2018: Congratulations to Claire Nimlos for receiving a Purdue College of Engineering Outstanding Service Scholarship!

Mar. 2018: Congratulations to Ravi Joshi for receiving the Purdue Presidential Safety Award!

Feb. 2018: Raj Gounder has been selected to receive a Sloan Research Fellowship in chemistry.

Jan. 2018: Welcome to Hannah McGinness as the newest undergraduate researcher in our group!

Dec. 2017: Congratulations to Claire and our NREL collaborators on our perspective article about Al distributions in zeolites being accepted in ACS Catalysis!

archived news items

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[32] Introducing Catalytic Diversity into Single-Site Chabazite Zeolites of Fixed Composition via Synthetic Control of Active Site Proximity, J. R. Di Iorio et al., ACS Catal., 7 (2017) 6663-6674

[31] Dynamic Multinuclear Sites Formed by Mobilized Copper Ions in NOx Selective Catalytic Reduction, C. Paolucci et al., Science, 357 (2017) 898-903

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