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Sep. 2017: Congratulations to Jamie on his article describing collaborative work with the Copéret group on Sn-zeolites being accepted in Chemistry of Materials!

Sep. 2017: Congratulations to Fabio Ribeiro and the CISTAR team on being awarded an NSF Engineering Research Center! Raj will serve as co-leader of a Thrust to develop olefin oligomerization technology.

Sep. 2017: Welcome to Rohan Dighe, Hyeonmin Jeong, and Seoungbo Shim as new undergraduate researchers in our group!

Aug. 2017: Congratulations to the SCR team on our article being accepted in Science! Read the Perspective in Science, and the highlight in C&E News.

Aug. 2017: Congratulations to John and Claire on their article about the catalytic diversity of CHA zeolites with different aluminum distributions being accepted in ACS Catalysis!

Aug. 2017: Good luck to recent PhD graduate Jamie Harris, who will be starting as a postdoctoral research fellow at Minnesota with Aditya Bhan in September!

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