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Jul. 2015: Raj, Ravi, Juan Carlos, Jacklyn, Anahi, and other Purdue Catalysis Center students helped organize a catalysis outreach activity for more than 100 junior high school students. Read more on our outreach page!

Jun. 2015: This summer, we welcome Jacklyn Hall, William Baud, and Ricardo Cogua as new undergraduate researchers in the group! We also welcome back Anahi Rostro, a rising high school senior returning for her second summer of research with us!

May 2015: Congratulations to John Di Iorio for receiving a poster prize at the 2015 Chicago Catalysis Club Spring Symposium!

Apr. 2015: Congratulations to John Di Iorio for receiving the 2015 Teaching Academy Graduate Teaching Award, which is a campus-wide teaching award administered by Purdue's Center for Instructional Excellence!

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