Netroids and Other Papercrafts

Netroids! Poseable Papercraft monsters you can print and build yourself!
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Phase Bots
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Mathieu Tournadre's Mr. Cube Decos

Mathieu has given me permission to make pop-culture decos on his amazing little Mr Cube model!  Check out his blog for more models!


Mega Man Classic Buster

Metal Man Blade Weapon

More of Mathieu's models at

Nerd Blocks Origami Sheets
Download and make your own!

Miner Grassy Top Block

Free PDF

Miner Punkin Block

Free PDF

Tankie Cube
Free PDF

Question Cube
Free PDF

Compie Cube
Free PDF

Fluttershy Pony
Free PDF

Applejack Pony
Free PDF


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