RESULTS Houston Newsletter September 2014

RESULTS  Houston Newsletter - September 2014

Thank you for your past support for RESULTS. We hope you will join us for an inspiring, educational, and fun-filled RESULTS Benefit Dinner on Friday November 21. The  evening will  celebrate RESULTS’ successes in making sure that the poorest children in the world receive life-saving vaccines.

Sara Hickman is our Seed of Hope Honoree. In addition to being an outstanding singer/songwriter, Sara is a warm, loving, spirit-filled human being, deeply committed to making our planet more peaceful and socially just, and all people healthier in body, mind and spirit.

In order to insure the continuing work of RESULTS, your donations supported RESULTS scholarships to 100 bright, dedicated college students to attend the 5-day RESULTS International Conference in Washington, DC in June of this year. While there, the students accompanied more experienced RESULTS advocates to meet face to face with their own Representative or Senator.  The students spoke forcefully on the benefits of vaccines for children in the world’s poorest countries.  Attached is a picture of some of Houston college students [L to R  Calixto Mejia, David Costello (non students Claudia Morgan, David Schubert) Cacie Waters, Truong Lam, Bharat Patil, Katharine Yang]  at an informal planning meeting with Claudia Morgan and David Schubert.


U.S. poverty: Kathleen Duncan832-971-7553

Global poverty: David Schubert 832-567-7813      

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