Resonance Arts

Kazimea offers individual couples and family counselling at the Resonance Arts office in downtown Courtenay. The space is easily wheelchair accessible, and offers a cozy room for talking as well as an inspiring art room. Kazimea counsels adults, seniors, youth and children, and welcomes people with developmental, physical, communication and other disabilities. Explore:

  • life transitions & self-directed change
  • family & parenting issues including co-parenting
  • couples, relationship and marriage issues
  • difference, disability, diversity and acceptance of self and others

Use music, movement, drama or visual art to achieve the personal goals you want:

  • be more creative, intuitive
  • express emotions, thoughts
  • clarify issues, gain insight
  • identify strengths, options, resources
  • connect with others
  • feel seen, heard, understood
  • experience peace, hope & joy

A myth, dream, song, or drawing might serve as the starting point. The art form we choose can give that idea space to be explored, revealing new aspects.

Creative Arts Therapy works well for people who have a strong creative side, and for those who struggle to express themselves verbally. It can also be a way to develop that creative side you've always wanted to enjoy!

Check into Resonance Arts classes or workshops where you could

  • Dip into the creative arts more recreationally
  • Explore the arts as part of a group

TreeFrog Music offers Music Together(R) Classes - a great opportunity for families with young kids (0 - 5 years) to invite joyful music into daily life. The classes start with the playful enjoyment of songs, movement and percussion, and build a community of music makers and music lovers! These classes are offered year-round, through Courtenay, Comox and Cumberland Recreation.