Resonance Arts Counselling

Did you ever feel that you just needed someone to talk to? Someone with experience and knowledge, but without any personal agenda? Someone who could listen well and help you figure out for yourself, what you want and need?

That's what I feel my role is as a counsellor. I want to help you identify your goals and obstacles, find your resources and strengths, and make action plans that bring all those together to help you get where you want to be. You are always the expert on you and your situation – no counsellor can know you better. But sometimes it helps to be in a safe, confidential space and have a good listener - someone who can, with empathy, reflect on what you are saying and ask the questions that will help you find your way.

When you feel strong, clear and supported, you can make choices that honor yourself.

At Resonance Arts Counselling, I honor these values. How would these make a difference in your life?

    • balance

    • uniqueness

    • acceptance

    • possibility

    • connection

    • sustainability

Individual Counselling

Are you going through big changes in your life? Or do you want to make big changes?

Perhaps separating, divorcing, or experiencing other losses or shifts?

Having trouble with anxiety, depression or grief?

Wanting to change the way you talk to yourself, support yourself better? Or maybe change the way you deal with others?

Life can seem like a confusing maze, white-water rapids, or an empty desert. Individual counselling is like having a knowledgeable, trustworthy friend along to help reflect on your experiences, find footholds, build a path and navigate to a better place.


Payment & Coverage

Kazimea is a Registered Clinical Counsellor, covered by many Blue Cross and Great West Life plans, and also by the following EFAPs:

    • ComPsych

    • Homewood Human Solutions

    • Morneau - Shepell and LifeWorks

You can also access my sessions via CVAP funding and MCFD Autism Program funding. Private-pay sessions are also available. Fee is $115 per 50-minute session.

A 15- minute free consultation is available over the phone to help you determine if Kazimea is a good fit for you.

Contact Kazimea directly: 250-650-3738 or

Couples Counselling

Being in a relationship can be hard work. The balancing act between paid work, parenting, and personal needs also contributes to difficulties. Often, couples develop patterns of relating to each other that end up being negative or hurtful, and end up making the problem worse.

But there are positive ways to deal with inevitable conflict! Couples counselling is an opportunity to step back and take a look at your issues and how you deal with them. You may also learn new skills like Non-Violent Communication and self-soothing.

I coach couples to develop a better way to resolve conflict themselves.

Family Counselling

Family counselling is a special blend of parenting coaching with the inter-personal coaching of couples' counselling. I've worked with many families to:

  • improve communication and understanding

  • recognize and express each family member's unique needs

  • find better ways to deal with conflict

  • process grief, change, and other transitions

Children and Parenting

Parenting is one of the hardest tasks we will ever tackle. Growing up isn't always a walk in the park, either. Co-parenting with someone you used to get along with can be a huge challenge.

Kids need a counsellor who is warm, fun, easy to relate to, nonjudgmental, and can talk in words kids understand. I love working with kids and have been able to help kids as young as 5. (For children younger than 5, it often works best for the parent or parents to attend counselling themselves.) Kids can often benefit from creative arts therapy as it uses their imaginative strengths and doesn't rely on intellectual insight. I have an inviting art room and lots of materials to help kids express what they are feeling and figure out what they might do about it. Kids often benefit from learning self-regulation: how to recognize and control their emotional states. I also work a lot with kids who suffer from anxiety, teaching them ways to manage that and better ways to handle stress.

For parents and co-parents, I bring all my counselling skills, but also direct experience with parenting six very different kids, parenting through separation, step-parenting and parenting in a blended family.

As your parenting or co-parenting counsellor, I will work with you toward:

  • accepting the reality of your unique child

  • finding unmet needs that erupt in difficult behavior

  • maintaining or rebuilding your connection

  • defining the skills that your child needs to learn and figuring out how to best teach or coach those skills

  • balancing the needs of all family members, including the parents