It is my privilege to be the Teaching and Learning Coach for Swain West Elementary. I work with all classes and teachers in regards to curriculum content and technology in our school, including our STEM lab/MakerSpace in the Learning Lab. I am married to Rich Peoples.  I have two grown boys and two daughters-in-laws. I have a little dog (Swiffer) and two cats (Samson and Delilah).  I live in Whittier, up on the top of a mountain. When it snows, I do NOT come down the mountain!

Teaching is my life, not occupation. As the oldest of 4 children, I started "helping" others while I was still a preschooler. As a teenager, I began working in a childcare center and started teaching children in church Sunday School at the age of 14. Professionally, I have been in education for 30 years as a teacher. I have taught grades preK through fifth grade, been the Director of two Child Development Centers, served on church education staffs, and been an associate professor for community college education courses.   My education includes a bachelors degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from the  (GO GATORS!), a Master's Degree in Religious Education, and another 18 hours for an administration certificate from Johns Hopkins and I am currently working on a second Master's Degree in Digital Teaching and Learning from NCSU. After earning my own National Board Certification, I served as a facilitator for teachers attempting to achieve their own National Board Certification, and also am a mentor and teach conferences in use of technology and leading math, for teachers throughout the state.  A few years ago, I was the school, county and Western Region Teacher of the Year.  I am on the board of the NC Association of Elementary Educators and work to help elementary school teachers in the state and anyone who can connect on a computer.

I LOVE to read and have a personal goal of encouraging every child to learn to read better so that he or she will love it as much as I do.  My favorite subject to teach is math.  Since I really believe math is fun, I always find some way to make it fun for all students! 

My husband is a mechanical engineer employed by Duotech in Franklin and a pastor of Grace Community Church ( We make regular mission trips to other places where I am able to teach the boys and girls, including Florida, Chicago, Philadelphia, Bronx, NY, and Moldova (in Eastern Europe). We have worked in disaster relief and have gone to Mississippi, Louisiana and parts of North Carolina to help people who were the victims of severe weather.

I have 2 sons- 1 is self employed selling custom made golf clubs, the other is a police detective. One of my daughters-in-law is a photographer, the other is in college.