Getting Donor Support

**You many be required to get district approval in advance!

Available Grants:

Farmer's Insurance $2,500 or $100,000!!

Community Foundation of WNC

Various ideas

Electric Cooperative


American Honda Foundation

And then there is DonorsChoose!

Informational Flyer

Get started here.


1- Set up an account. Picture can only have student faces if they sign a permission slip.

2- Decide what you want!

**Use match offers as much as possible.

3- Write your request:

A- Describe your class in a positive manner that allows donors to see what is unique about your school.

**I keep a running wish list on Amazon with things I want to get and often use it for my orders.

B- Order your materials. Expect that it will be about 2/3 materials and 1/3 overhead so don't order too much. WATCH your totals!!

**Amazon is closed for ordering for about 4 weeks from before Thanksgiving until Christmas.

C- Describe these by name in the summary, with the focus on highest price items.

**Choose appropriate content if it is a match offer. If it is not, I generally try to do math or science because future matches are prone to be for these.

D- Describe your project. How will you use these specifically mentioned materials to increase student learning?

**If it is for a match, focus on the intent of the match.

E- Review and submit

4- Promote and publish to get it funded.

Use Facebook, Facebook DonorsChoose pages, email, QR codes for parents and such. You will be amazed at who funds them!

5- THANK every single donor immediately. Go back and check when your project gets funded to be sure every donor (EVEN you!) gets thanked!

6- Do the acceptance as soon as you get it. You can delay the date that the thank you package is due by changing the date. Give yourself plenty of time BUT turn it in ASAP. Remember that mailed TYs take about 2 weeks for processing.

7- Turn in pictures (same rule on faces), impact letter talking about the specific materials and student-made thank you cards as soon as possible. NEVER let it go past the date.

**You can go to the "contact us" and get one automatic 30 day extension if you just ask!

About those points... You have to have them to post projects and you get them from your timely thank yous!

Donors Choose Presentation, Including Directions