rendition: an interactive war on terror

The game everyone is talking about

rendition plays with the medium of interactive fiction in a unique way. So unique it has become the focus of lively scholarly and academic debate.

A panel discussion about tragedy in electronic literature at the Association for Computing Machinery's Hypertext 2007 conference used rendition as an example. Have a look at the slides (in PDF format) here.

A lecture at Cambridge University discussed the role of complicity in rendition. Watch a video presentation of the slides and audio here, or look at the slides alone here.

Even more academic recognition: rendition is now part of the coursework for the Australian University of New South Wales' School of Computer Science and Engineering "Game Design Workshop". More details here.

Victor Gijsbers (author of The Baron) has written a very detailed analysis of the work in the Society for Promotion of Adventure Games issue 53, which reaches some fascinating conclusions. A recommended read for everybody.

Georgia State University's "Rhetoric and Composition" unit presents an Electronic Writing & Publishing class, which features Rendition as as part of its schedule.

The New Statesman on "How text-based war games are challenging representations of conflict". Text-based games are saying things about wars we fight that the AAA shooter cannot.

3 more articles from writer John Brindle in relation to rendition: an interview with Aaron A. Reed (author of Blue Lacuna), another with Emily Short (author of Galatea), and a post-mortem.

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