rendition: an interactive war on terror

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Google Groups

If you want to comment on or discuss playing rendition, or have thoughts on the game itself, the details of how and why it was written, or any other works that nespresso is creating, post a message to the discussion forum intfiction.org  (you will need to register if you don't already have a login, but don't worry, it's a breeze).

Remember to include the word 'rendition' in the subject header!


IFDB is the interactive fiction equivalent of the Internet Movie Database. After registering here you can post your thoughts about rendition right here (and read other people's opinions too!).


If you're comments are not for public consumption, you can contact the creator, nespresso, directly by email. Just launch the game, type HELP then select 'About / Credits' from the in-game menu to reveal the address.