GME and CME Lectures

I. David Weiner, M.D.

C. Craig and Audrae Tisher Chair in Nephrology, Professor of Medicine and Aging, University of Florida College of Medicine and NF/SGVHS

Changing the future of CKD.pdf
Acid-base disorders for renal grand rounds.pdf
Primary aldosteronism - Presented at University of Otago, New Zealand.pdf
Acid-base disorders - presented in New Zealand 2012.pdf
Renal Artery Stenosis in 2009.pdf
Topics in Internal Medicine - RTA - Weiner.pdf
Updates in Acid-base disorders - presented at Austrialia - New Zealand Society of Nephrology Meeting 2012.pdf
Hypertension for fellows - 2011.pdf
Refractory Hypertension - hyperaldosteronism and renal artery stenosis.pdf
Salt-sensitive hypertension - CNS components.pdf