There is a growing fear that the world will fall into an economic depression that will dampen the creativity and dynamic nature of what the people of the United States are capable of accomplishing. To deal with this situation, President Obama has hired your team of researchers to come up with a plan of action that will lead to a renaissance of American life from business to philosophy to the arts. He wants people to act like Martin Luther to question the status quo while providing the creativity that Leonardo de Vinci shared with his community.

Your team will study the history of Europe to better understand why the Renaissance occurred. From your studies, you will create an action plan for President Obama to use in revitalizing various institutions in America. 

Your research and action plan will help answer the following Essential Questions for this expedition:

  • How do the arts influence culture and culture influence the arts?
  • How to foster creativity? What needs must be met?
  • How far can we excel individually and collectively?
  • Why question authority?
  • What does it mean to be a Renaissance person?

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