Mike Company Reunions

It has been my privilege to attend three Mike Company Association Reunions, my first in 2002, then 2007 and with a whole mess of Joneses in 2009. 

Mike Company Reunion 2009 took place in Columbus, Ohio near Jones family home turf. What an incredible turn out!  Twenty Joneses met eleven of the men who served with Davis on Hill 25. It was indescribable and I will never forget the tenderness those men showed to my Mom.

2007 marked the 25th anniversary of the Mike 3/7 Association Reunion with over 300 in attendance. Rich and Kathy were perfect hosts once again, and it was good to see Chuck and Doc Hanmore doing well. This year's special treat was meeting David Bates, Glen Bates' brother.

Rich and Kathy Pierce.

Rich, David Bates and Chuck.

I had the honor of attending the Mike Company Association reunion in Atlanta in July 2002, where I met two more of the men that served on Hill 25, and received an unbelievable surprise!

Chuck Traviolia, Richard Pierce, Steve Hanmore, Kathy Pierce, Phil Jones.

Being at the reunion was overwhelming. I have Rich to thank yet again, for making us aware of the reunion and for acting as my host. Meeting Doc and Chuck (Davis' Squad Leader) was a real honor. These men have given so much of themselves, yet they find more to give to my family.

Chuck had a special surprise for the Jones family. Around October 1967, Davis had given Chuck some film to send home to his parents to be developed. The attack on November 2nd prevented the developed slides from being returned, so they were kept by Chuck and his parents for many years.Chuck presented those slides to me at the reunion, and we present them here to be seen for the first time.

Click here to view the slides!