Services & Specialities

    REM's Company focus is on the introduction to and promotion of Rope Technology within the Southern African Market.  The RopeCon Technology is developed by Doppelmayr Transport Technology of Austria  (known as DTT).  
REM focuses on Bulk and Unit Materials Handling and the transport of people with the application of Rope Technology.

DETAIL OF SERVICES  throughout Southern Africa

  Services provided by REM include:
    Presentations and explanation of the technology  - face to face with Clients and Engineers
    -  Preliminary review of specific Client plans to advise whether the technology could be studied further
    -  Conceptual preliminary Study / Analysis of the technology system vs other conventional methods of transport
    -  Professional Assistance with project specifications within the Mining and Engineering plans
    -  Assistance with incorporating the technology within the Concept Studies, Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Studies.
    -  Undertake Risk Assessment of RopeCon or Rope-way system within the project
    -  Provision of an overall Supervisory role for or with the Client to monitor the project execution by the Engineering / Project team
    -  Monitoring of the interface of the Rope technology systems with all the other project work, foundations, equipment and systems, legal certification etc.
REM's local role is to interface closely with the Client's teams undertaking Concept Studies through to final Feasibility (Bankable) studies.  REM has already undertaken a number of Feasibility Studies and  Risk Reviews of options using Rope Technology against more conventional systems of conventional conveying, truck, rail and shaft & winder alternatives.  This work is done within the individual Client teams and staff and uses their parameters of that particular operation and plan.

When a project goes forward the Client team enters into direct negotiation and contract with DTT.  The type and scope of contracts depend on the Client project execution plans.  It may include a turnkey contract or defined duty scope.

 A full turnkey contract on a small person cable-way project have been undertaken by REM.  - Euphoria Golf Estate Cable-way.  Large cable-way projects would normally be done by the relevant Doppelmayr Company.  REM may provide local support to the Company as a subcontractor.

Specialist Materials Handling Technology

  • REM Construction Consultants are the Local Agents of the world leading experts in the design and installation of Doppelmayr Transport Technolgy GmbH of Austria.
  • These systems include the innovative "Rope Cableways" and "RopeCon" and "RailCon" Conveyors for Bulk Material Handling and Transport.
  • The concept has been tested and proven in multiple deployments world wide and represent a revolution in conveyor development.