El Limon Gold Mine RopeCon® - Mexico

Post date: Nov 13, 2017 12:11:26 PM

The El Limón gold ore pit lies approximately 400m above and some 1.3 km from the processing plant.

Minera Media Luna, S.A. de C.V. (MML), 100% owned subsidiary of Torex Gold Resources Inc., selected the RopeCon® to transport 1,000 metric tons of gold ore per hour down into the valley over a distance of 1.3km. Along with other aspects, safety and environment were key considerations in prompting the decision.

The RopeCon® system covers the vertical drop of approx. 400m and the length of 1.3km with just one tower structure before unloading the material onto a stockpile. The RopeCon® started operation as planned in March 2016. The RopeCon system generates approx. 1MW of green energy from braking actions, which contributes to a reduction of the overall operating costs.

The RopeCon® system operates above the ground and does not touch the ground between the loading station and the track rope anchoring point in the valley except with one tower structure. With a height of 44m, this tower achieves the discharge height required for the stockpile. The span between the loading station and the tower structure is 1,200m. The conveying angle comes up to 32°.

Technical details:

Length 1,308 m

Vertical drop 383 m

Conveying Capacity 1,000 t/h

Number of Towers 1 Off

Motor rating -1,026 kW generating power!