Frequently Asked Questions:

What is A Little Something?

Little Something is a crafts collective for refugee women started by Anna La Torre Rodriguez, Sharon McCreary, and Susan Renick in Denver, Colorado in 2007. Jaime Koehler joined the team about two months into the startup phase of the project. Since then, the group has added a robust team of volunteers to keep the project going.
The program serves resettled refugees who wish to learn a craft and earn some pocket money. The program helps refugees gain confidence, acquire manual dexterity and English skills, learn financial literacy, and benefit from the healing power of the creative.

Where can I buy A Little Something's products?

We sell our merchandise at local fairs, festivals, alternative and holiday gift markets, and craft shows. You can find a list of upcoming sales on our blog and on our calendar. If you are hosting an event or you know of one that would welcome us, please let us know! We can also help you host a trunk show at your home or organization. Our studio includes a small boutique space that is open on Wednesdays from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Do participants get paid for their work?

Participants receive 75 percent of the selling price of their items. The remaining 25 percent goes back into the business to buy supplies and pay for common operating expenses.

How is A Little Something funded?

For the most part, A Little Something is funded through its percentage of the selling price of members' crafts and through donations. Partnerships with refugee-related agencies have also contributed to our funding base, but we have no consistent outside funding. If you are interested in helping us apply for grants or other funding, please let us know!

How many participants are in the group?

It varies. At any given time, about 15 are actively participating. Our studio space is small, so we can't fit very many members in the room at one time.

Where is A Little Something located?

We have a tiny studio as part of Project Worthmore at the Village Exchange Center in Aurora, Colorado, a space that's far too small for us but that we are deeply grateful to occupy. We meet with the participants once a week at the studio, and sometimes for special Saturday sessions. Some women--our weavers--make their crafts in their homes.

Who manages A Little Something?

We are a completely volunteer-run organization with a board of directors. A Little Something is a registered business in the state of Colorado and a 501c(3) nonprofit. Day-to-day operations are managed by a dedicated and always-evolving volunteer team.