REEP Volunteers

Our Volunteers

REEP volunteers have a desire to help immigrants from all cultures and backgrounds gain the tools that allow them to thrive in a new country. By sharing their everyday knowledge, volunteers make a profound difference in immigrant students' lives in America. At the same time, volunteers gain a rare insight into a different part of their community and the chance to interact with people from a variety of countries and cultures. REEP also allows its volunteers to explore teaching as a profession and to develop skills that can enhance other aspects of their careers. Finally, REEP volunteers know that the few hours they spend preparing for and teaching classes makes a positive difference in their community. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our volunteers, the REEP Outreach Program was awarded the President's Volunteer Service Award for 2008.

About REEP

For over 40 years, REEP (Arlington Education and Employment Program) has brought Arlingtonians from around the world together through the medium of English. Founded in 1976, the program served a largely Indo-Chinese population, before it was expanded to include all refugees and immigrants in Arlington a few years later. Since then, REEP has provided English classes to over 90,000 limited English speakers that hail from more than 200 countries.