Life in Physics

"I want to know God's thoughts; the rest are details."
A. Einstein

Welcome to Michele Redi's physics webpage!

I'm a theoretical physicist working in the field of particle physics. 
I am interested in understanding how Nature works at the most fundamental level and this requires the study of the incredibly small (Elementary Particles) or incredibly big (The Universe). Theorists use the language of mathematics to understand the world but don't be scared by the big equations we are just after new ideas and discoveries.

The two cornerstones of particle physics from the last century are 
General Relativity and the Standard Model of elementary particles. 
One rules everything on large distances, from the falling of 
apples to the evolution of the Universe. The second, based 
on quantum mechanics, describes all we know about the building 
blocks of matter and fundamental interactions. 
As theorists we are never satisfied and this for us is just the 
beginning. We know that the standard picture is incomplete 
and just an approximation of a deeper truth. We don't know 
when it will fall but sooner or later it will. We patiently work on 
the next physics revolution hoping that it will be even bigger.

mostly work  on physics beyond the Standard Model of particles physics and cosmology, trying  to build more beautiful theories that will replace the current theory
 at higher energies and studying their experimental implications.