Redesign by Anne is a Northeast Wisconsin premier home staging and interior design company. We believe that every home has a unique story and unique features and our mission is to bring out that story and showcase the best features of the home.

We work with realtors, builders, investors, and individual homeowners to help them showcase their homes for sale.

For vacant homes, we have our own inventory of furniture and accessories so our designer can easily customize items to create a look that is warm and inviting that fits each individual home.

For occupied homes our designer works with the things homeowners already have to give your home a look that is warm and desirable to as large an audience as possible. Our designer also assists with any needed renovations, such as new flooring, cabinets, and paint, among other things.



The concept of home staging was introduced to me over 15 years ago by our realtor in Austin, Texas. We were relocating from Chicago and our Austin realtor explained the process and gave me some valuable resources so I could apply the process to our home that we were selling in Chicago. Using what I had learned and consulting with a stager in Chicago, I couldn't believe the transformation!

Long story short, within two days we had a showing resulting in two offers, one of which we accepted, and we were off to Austin! After this experience I wanted to know more in order to help others achieve the same kind of results. So I researched, trained and became a Certified Accredited Home Stager and Interior Decorator. Then in 2002, I opened ArrangeToSell, a home staging and interior decorating business in Austin. It grew and prospered until we relocated back to the midwest in 2007.

At the beginning, while in Texas, Mike was involved in the business only occasionally and more in background support functions since he had a full time career in a different industry. After relocating to the midwest he became fully involved as we began to rebuild and grow the business, in a new area, which now operates under the name Redesign By Anne.

The rest is history!