Sourcing the books

How many copies of the books each school needs will vary. There are roughly 6 weeks before the end of the year and roughly 10 weeks from the beginning of the year that you have available for getting kids to read the books. You will need to calculate how many children will read how many books how quickly.

If you go to the LibraryThing catalog, the "Comments" field provides basic supply/source information, e.g., NLB means the National Library Board of Singapore has copies available (which you can borrow through your D.E.A.R. account) and "BookDep" means you can find the books through Book Depository (UK) (which has free shipping worldwide). You should also find local suppliers for the majority of these books.

Judy Kong of the NLB is on the Red Dot subcommittee and will be facilitating the loan of shortlist books to schools who do not wish to purchase multiple copies (or who don't have the budget).