Email: site_ending at googlemail.com
About me: I am a researcher in robust software engineering and safety critical systems working for Siemens Corporate Technology in Munich. My work is about developing domain specific languages and combining them with formal verification to increase reliability of software. My current challange is to increase usability of formal verification up to the point when it can be used by practicing engineers. Besides doing research (25%), I am also consulting and coaching on language engineering and verification technologies, and developing software for Siemens (75%).

Previously, I was research group lead at fortiss research institute from Munich and before that postdoc at the Technical University of Munich from where I also got my PhD (summa cum laude) in 2009 at the Chair of Software and Systems Engineering

I studied at Politehnica University from Timisoara, Romania and was member of the LOOSE Research Group.
 Research interests:
  • Formal Verification for Practicing Engineers
  • Development of Safety Critical Systems
  • Domain Specific Languages
  • Model Driven Engineering
  • Systems Engineering
 Older* interests: 
  • Program Comprehension
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Domain Engineering
  • Software Maintainance

(*) - topics I still find fascinating, but not actively working anylonger

See also my ResearchGate page.
  • Currently, I spend most of my time (and energy) on developing mbeddr, a stack of domain specific languages and analyses for embedded systems. 
  • Besides this, I develop domain specific languages using JetBrains MPS and using formal verification on software. Have a look at FASTEN, a stack of DSLs for formal modeling of systems based on NuSMV.
  • Program Committee: 
    • ECFMA'16, COLLAFORM'16, HOFM'16
    • SLE'15, ECMFA'15, HOFM'15, SAGRA'15, VAO'15
    • HOFM'14, MoDeVVa'14
    • CSMR'13, CSMR'12