Recent Publications


  1. Leidelmeijer, J., Kirby, M.E., MacDonald, G., Carlin, J., Avila, J., Han, J., Nauman, B., Loyd, S., Nichols, K., and Ramezan, R. (2021), Younger Dryas to Early Holocene (12.9 and 8.1 ka cal yr BP) Limnological and Hydrological Change at Barley Lake, CA (Northern California Coast Range), Quaternary Research (in press).
  2. Kirby, M.E., Heusser, L., Scholz, C., Ramezan, R., Anderson, M.A., Markle, B., Rhodes, E., Fantozzi, J., Hiner, C., Price, B., Carrasco, J. (2018), A Late Wisconsin (10-32k cal a BP) History of Pluvials,Droughts, and Vegetation in the Costal Southwest United States (Lake Elsinore,CA), Journal of Quaternary Science, 33(2): 238-254.
  3. Nguyen, J., Thornburg, M., Khanbijian, S., Wood, R., Shahrestani, P., Ramezan, R. (2017), Evoleved Immune Response of Drosophila Melanogaster to Entomopathogenic Fungus Beauveria, Dimensions, 19: 26-33.
  4. Ramezan, R. (2017), Review of Basics of Matrix Algebra for Statistics with R by Nick Fieller, American Statistician, 71(1): 92-96.
  5. Ramezan, R., Marriott, P., Chenouri, S. (2016), Skellam Process WithResetting: A Neural Spike Train Model, Statistics in Medicine, 35(30): 5717-5729.
  6. Ramezan, R., Marriott, P., Chenouri, S. (2014), Multiscale Analysis of Neural Spike Trains, Statistics in Medicine, 33(2): 238-256.


  1. Publication with High Altmetric Scores (with Mona Ghannad, Patrick Bossuyt, Jeffrey Aronson, Elizabeth Wagner, Jon Brassey, and Carl Heneghan)
  2. The Genetic Basis of Drosophila Melanogaster Defense Against Beauveria BAssiana Explored Through Experimental Evolution and Quantitative Trait Locus Mapping (with Parvin Shahrestani et al.)
  3. Hair Cortisol Concentration in Healthy Adults Measured Using Immunoassay Methods: a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis (with Igboanugo, S., O'Connor, C., and Mielke, J.)

In preparation:

  1. Fast Approximate Inference for Spatial Extreme Value Methods (with Chen., M. and Lysy, M.)
  2. Multivariate Skellam Process: A Model for Simultaneously Recorded Neural Spike Trains (with Paul Marriott and Shoja Chenouri)
  3. Time Scale and Neural Spike Trains: A Comprehensive Study (With Dwight Wynne)
  4. Bayesian Skellam Process with Resetting
  5. Assessing Temporal Uncertainties for Hydroclimatic Feature Comparison (with Kevin Nichols and Matt Kirby)