Reza Ramezan, Ph.D.

I am a statistician in the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science at the University of Waterloo.

My current research interests are, predominantly, in the statistical analysis of neuronal data, particularly in modelling neural spike trains. Neural action potentials are often called spikes because they tend to be strongly localized in time. A sequence of such spikes from a single neuron is called a spike train. I am interested in the multiscale and multivariate analysis of such data. In particular, in developing probabilistic models within a point process framework.

Available Positions:

Masters and Ph.D.: If you are interested in my research, please send me an email and attach your CV and sample publications (if you have any).

Undergraduate: All my undergraduate research positions for Winter 20201 are filled. 

Reza Ramezan
Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science
University of Waterloo
200 University Ave. W., 
Waterloo, ON,  N2L 3G1
Phone: (519) 888-4567 Ext. 38078
Office: M3 3107
Email: rramezan (at)