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Contact jkruse@longviewschools.org for Chromebook assistance

Chromebook Repair Procedure

      • If your Chromebook is not working properly, contact me at jkruse@longviewschools.org

      • Describe the issue you are having with the Chromebook

      • I will put your name on the on-site tracking list so you can bring the Chromebook needing repair to the library

      • You will receive a service loaner to use while the Chromebook issued to you is being repaired

      • When your Chromebook is repaired, I will contact you using your longviewschools.org account

      • Please pick up repaired Chromebooks promptly so that others will be able to use the service loaners

Teacher Librarian: Jodi Kruse - jkruse@longviewschools.org - 360.575.7138