Thomas Rainsford

Institut für Linguistik/Romanistik

Universität Stuttgart

Keplerstrasse 17

70174 Stuttgart


E-mail: tmr740-ac --AT--

ORCID: 0000-0003-2592-0084

I am a lecturer (Akademischer Rat) at the Institut für Linguistik/Romanistik at the University of Stuttgart. My field of research is historical Romance linguistics with a focus on the history of French, Occitan, and Italian. I'm currently one of eight PIs in the DFG-funded Research Unit Structuring the Input in Language Processing, Acquisition and Change (SILPAC) (FOR 5157), and my project examines links between lexical change and morpho-syntactic change in the expression of motion events in French and Italian. I work frequently with historical corpora, and have developed the Old Gallo-Romance Corpus (OGR), which builds on my research into prosodic and phonological change in French and Occitan by incorporating layers of phonological and metrical annotation. I studied for my PhD at the University of Cambridge and have subsequently worked at the ENS de Lyon (France) and as a British Academy Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Oxford.

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