Welcome to Raincloud Piano Studio! This website's main purpose is to provide information for current students and those who are considering taking lessons. However, if you are just visiting, feel free to look around! I love this job, the kids I get to interact with, and the opportunity to multiply the ability God has given me by teaching it to others.


Welcome to the studio: Sheila FordSusie Leavitt, Brody and Dannen Oliver, Joanne and Jocelyn Kim, Kaya Nau and Olivia Grant!

Now Accepting New Students: Read the rates and policies and contact the studio for an audition through the Contact/Location page


Annah Leavitt, William Eddy, and Marta Eddy completed the summer flashcards challenge!

To the seven students who participated in Adjudications this year and to David Eddy for being selected to represent the studio in the Gig Harbor Music Teachers' Association Honors Recital 2017!

Vivian and Annah Leavitt, Gabriel Nelson, Adam Roberts, Grace Atencio, and Samuel, William, Marta, Tabitha and David Eddy for participating in 2016 Music Olympics
(A special congratulations to Gabriel Nelson and Grace Atencio for placing in their divisions of Music Olympics!)

Tabitha, David and Maxwell Eddy, Annah and Vivian Leavitt, Ressi Chapple, and Chaya Thomas participated in Adjudications for their first time. (A special congratulations to Maxwell Eddy, who was selected to represent our studio in the 2016 Gig Harbor Music Teachers' Association Honors Recital!)

Studio Calendar

June 13-August 31: Summer Schedule applies

July-August: flashcards challenge month

Date TBA: September Duet Recital

September 4: School Schedule begins

Power Outage 2016 Recital 

Thanks so much to all my students who came and played for the audience in our 2016 March Recital, despite the power outage! We had a beautiful candlelit evening, and it was inspiring to see every one of you rise to the occasion.