As an international group of specialists in Addiction Prevention, our aim is to:

  • prospect all Rotarians active in prevention of substance abuse and addiction

  • bring their expertise together for study and exchange

  • learn how Rotary clubs can participate in the struggle agains addiction

  • disseminate this knowledge and the developed methodology

  • inform and stimulate Rotary Districts and clubs

  • integrate addiction prevention as an essential part of their service

Founded in February 2013 and recognized by Rotary International in January 2016, we now operate in more than 42 countries and 45 districts... in accordance with Rotary International policy.

Seminar Toolkit

on Engaging the Community


UNODC, Vienna March 2020

June 26 is a day that offers a chance to fight back against drug abuse and illicit trafficking.

RAG for Addiction Prevention supports clubs and districts in cooperation with UNODC and WHO to take action to prevent addiction and other negative behavior with evidence-based programs for local communities. Contact RAG AP to start your first action for addiction prevention: