Views of the World: some pictures taken here and there.


During a recent trip to Venice I discovered the following

plus equals


  • Tita Seri and I
  • selfie in the Moroccan desert
  • in the Swiss alps


  • March: Surfing on Maui:
  • January: Monterrey Bay


  • December: My first ski-tour in Les Diablerets (just before the skiing season starts)
  • November: Diploma ceremony at my faculty, our dean's son showing off Diabolo and Hair (Up in the hair)
  • November: Attended a Djangologic concert in Renens (second guitarrist from the left is Maico's teacher).
  • October: On vacation in Elm ... guess who went swimming in that lake:
  • October: Me racing our dean, Thomas von Ungern, in a Karting HEC promotional viedeo (Vimeo). Guess who won...


  • August: This is the ship I celebrated my 40th birthday on:
The boat I celebrated my 40th birthday on
  • September: This is my new road bike, a Giant Defy Composite:
My Defy and I


  • This picture shows Dominique, me, Leonie and Maico at the shore of the lake of Geneva in fall 2011: