Rafael Barrientos Yuste

Área de Zoología, Facultad de ciencias del Medio Ambiente,

Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha,

Avenida Carlos III, s/n, E-45071,

Toledo, España / Spain

Tel: +34 925 265 767 - Ext 5777

Fax: +34 925 265 766


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Actualizado / Updated: 30/12/2013

Barrientos R, Kvist L, Barbosa A, Valera F, López-Iborra G, Moreno E. 2009. Colonization patterns and genetic structure of peripheral populations of the trumpeter finch (Bucanetes githagineus) from Northwest Africa, the Canary Islands and the Iberian Peninsula. Journal of Biogeography 36: 210-219. PDF

Barrientos R, Kvist L, Barbosa A, Valera F, Khoury F, Varela S, Moreno E. 2014. Refugia, colonization and diversification of an arid-adapted bird: coincident patterns between genetic data and ecological modelling. Molecular Ecology. En prensa / In press.

Barrientos R, Ponce C, Palacín C, Martín CA, Martín B, Alonso JC. 2012. Wire marking results in a small but significant reduction in avian mortality at power lines: a BACI designed study. PLoS ONE 7: e32569. PDF

Barrientos R, Miranda JD. 2012. Can we explain regional abundance and road-kill patterns with variables derived from local-scale road-kill models? Evaluating transferability with the European polecat. Diversity and Distributions 18: 635-647. PDF

Barrientos R, Alonso JC, Ponce C, Palacín C. 2011. Meta-analysis of the effectiveness of marked wire in reducing avian collisions with power lines. Conservation Biology 25: 893-903. PDF Ap-S1 Ap-S2

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