Charles Adcock is an M3 who will be applying to radiology. 

He volunteered to represent Radiology at the School of Medicine's annual Pre-Med Fair, which is attended by over 200 students and their pre-med advisors. This fair was recently hosted on campus by the Department of Admissions. 

Case of the Week answers:

Summary 5/13/19 Body COTW

Case Courtesy of Dr. Coleman

This weeks’ winner is Blake Becker!


  1. What are the findings? Upward angulation of or superior indentation on celiac axis, usually within 5 mm of origin, consistent with median arcuate ligament syndrome.

  2. What is the treatment? If symptomatic, surgical decompression. If asymptomatic, than no treatment is necessary. Diagnosis cannot be made on imaging alone, clinical symptoms are needed to determine if it is truly median arcuate ligament syndrome.

  3. Who is typically affected and what are the presenting symptoms? Usually affects thin young adults from 20-40 yrs, mostly women. The presenting symptoms are usually nausea, diarrhea, epigastric pain (typically postprandial) and weight loss.

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