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Summary 9/9/19 MSK COTW

Case courtesy of Dr. Morris.

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  1. How would you characterize the lesion in the tibia? Lucent, expansile central lesion in the diaphysis of the tibia with a narrow zone of transition.

  2. What would be in the differential diagnosis of this lesion? Fibrous dysplasia, simple bone cyst, adamantinoma. 

  3. What are the CT findings? Lucent, expansile central lesion in the diaphysis of the tibia, purely ground glass with a narrow zone of transition, smooth endosteal thinning without periosteal reaction. No cortical breakthrough, no soft tissue mass. 

  4. Do the above findings suggest an aggressive or benign lesion? What is the diagnosis? Benign lesion. Fibrous dysplasia. 

  5. What treatment does this lesion require? None, usually asymptomatic. 

  6. If a bone scan was done on this lesion, would there be radiotracer uptake within the lesion? Yes, the majority of fibrous dysplasia lesions have increased uptake on bone scan. 


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