You have just stepped into my academic world. I am Radhika Mamidi. I love analysing languages. Words fascinate me. Born to be a linguist and by chance (!) a computational linguist.

In the academic world, the two most beautiful things for me are books and students. Books make me happy. Bookshops and libraries are my favourite places. Similarly, students give me happiness. The joy on a student's face when their paper gets accepted is priceless. Every time a student graduates, I feel happy knowing that I did contribute in some way. Convocations are emotional! (There is time for my sons to graduate, but I also get emotional seeing my students graduate - into the real world)

Teaching and Research go hand in hand for me. I love teaching. I am also a perpetual learner.

My research interests: Machine Translation, Dialogue systems,  Text classification (Sentiment analysis, Humour analysis, Bias identification, etc)

And yes, I also review for ACL, NAACL, EACL and EMNLP! Other things I review (thesis, reports, etc) are not as exciting. But yes, I love reading movie and restaurant reviews!

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Dr Radhika Mamidi

Associate Professor, IIIT Hyderabad, INDIA.

Email: radhika.mamidi@iiit.ac.in