Radha Chitta

My research interests are Machine Learning, Data Mining, and Pattern Recognition. I have worked primarily on large scale data clustering. I have developed several scalable and accurate approximate clustering algorithms, using randomization and fast optimization techniques. I am also experienced in image processing, text mining, and natural language processing.

I completed my Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in Computer Science in PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore under Visveswaraiah Technological University. After B.E. I pursued my Masters in the System Science and Automation group in the Electrical Engineering Department of the Indian Institute of Science. I worked with Prof. M. Narasimha Murty on designing support vector machines with linear time running complexity, to reduce both the training time and testing time, and  applied it to perform text mining. I then worked as a Systems Engineer in Yahoo! in Bangalore (from 2008-2010). 

I obtained my PhD from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in Michigan State University, working under the supervision of Prof. Anil Jain 

I currently work at Kira Systems, Toronto as a Machine Learning Research Scientist. I focus on applying deep learning and natural language processing techniques for data modeling for contract analysis.