• What exactly is a retreat'? A retreat is a time away from the usual daily activities and distractions. It is time to listen to the word of God speaking through the practical experiences of retreat facilitators, clergy or married couples.
  • Marriage Retreats: Couples are encouraged to think about their marriage and are offered suggestions to enhance their own spirituality and growth in marriage.
  • Preached Retreats: A facilitator usually conducts two or three conferences per day. Participants spend time in silence, reflection and prayer.
  • Guided Retreats: Individuals share their spiritual journey with a director. The rest of the time may be spent in reading, reflection and prayer.
  • Directed Retreats: A director offers individuals a daily, structured program focused on scripture and silent prayer.
  • Private Retreats: Individuals may arrange the entire retreat to accommodate their personal insights and needs for spiritual direction.
  • Women's Retreats: These are conference style weekends based on scripture. Time is scheduled for personal reflection and prayer.