Here are responses to some frequently asked questions about our REU.

- What can you do to make your application more attractive to us?

1. Most important: take advanced classes in subjects such as combinatorics, algebra, topology, representation theory, algebraic geometry. Graduate courses are even better.

2. Reading courses supervised by faculty who can write a letter are also good.

3. Previous research experience is good (but of course not mandatory), especially if the topic was somewhat algebraic.

4. Get A-s on your math courses.

5. If you are not in one of the top departments in the country, you still have a good chance of getting into our REU, but it is even more important for you to have "hard evidence" in the form of advanced classes taken or previous research done.

- We do not decide on specific research questions until the end of Spring. The best way to predict the type of questions we will pose is to look at the reports from previous years.

- The admission to the REU is highly competitive. The best and only way to get in is to apply. Currently all applications are being done through

- The Summer REU is a full-time commitment for its duration. If you want to do more than one REU in the same Summer, or if you want to combine it with some other significant and overlapping time commitment, please do let us know so that we can drop you from consideration.

- We do not accept graduating seniors, nor do we accept Master students.

- We insist on you being present for the entire duration of the program. While we may be ok with your absence for few days somewhere in the middle of the program, we absolutely insist on your presence during the first week. If your final exam schedule does not allow for that, we regrettably will not be able to accommodate you.

- The starting date for the REU varies year to year, be sure to have the correct date for the year you are applying.

- We do take international students. The funding we provide for international students may be smaller than for the US citizens and green card holders. This has to do with NSF rules attached to our grants. Recently we have been able to provide what we consider a decent level of funding for international students.

- If we make you an offer and you ask for a deadline extension, it tells us that you prefer some other program to ours. This makes us question your judgement and mathematical taste. In most cases, the extension is not granted.