Tensors on surfaces

[pdf] Webs on surfaces, rings of invariants, and clusters, with S. Fomin, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, published.
[pdf] Tensor diagrams and cluster algebras, with S. Fomin, Advances in Mathematics, published.
Zamolodchikov phenomena. 

[pdf] Quivers with additive labelings: classification and algebraic entropy, with P.Galashin, preprint.
[pdf] Quivers with subadditive labelings: classification and integrability, with P.Galashin, preprint.

[pdf] The classification of Zamolodchikov periodic quivers, with P.Galashin, American Journal of Mathematics, to appear. 
[pdf] Zamolodchikov integrability via rings of invariants,  Journal of Integrable Systems, published.

Laurent Phenomenon algebras

[pdf] Linear Laurent phenomenon algebras, with T.Lam, International Mathematical Research Notices, published.
[pdf] Laurent phenomenon algebras, with T.Lam, Cambridge Journal of Mathematics, published.

Kazhdan-Lusztig combinatorics

Monodromy in Kazhdan-Lusztig cells in affine type A, with M.Chmutov and J.Lewis, preprint.

[pdf] Matrix-Ball Construction of affine Robinson-Schensted correspondence, with M.Chmutov and E.Yudovina, Selecta Mathematica, to appear.


, with P.Galashin, preprint.

The Berenstein-Kirillov group and cactus groups
, with M.Chmutov and M.Glick, preprint.

Knots and mutations. 

Morsifications and mutations
, with S.Fomin and E.Shustin, preprint.

Total positivity

[pdf] Linear recurrences for cylindrical networks, with P.Galashin, International Mathematical Research Notices, to appear.
[pdf] Total positivity in loop groups II: Chevalley generators, with T.Lam, Transformation Groups, published.
[pdf] Total positivity in loop groups I: whirls and curls, with T.Lam, Advances in Mathematics, published.

Integrability in geometric configurations

[pdf] Y-meshes and generalized pentagram maps, with M.Glick, Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, published.

Geometric crystals.

[pdf] Intrinsic energy is a loop Schur function, with T.Lam, Journal of Combinatorics, published.
[pdf] Crystals and total positivity on orientable surfaces, with T.Lam, Selecta Mathematica, published.
[pdf] Affine geometric crystals in unipotent loop groups, with T.Lam, Representation Theory, published.

Combinatorics of K-theory

[pdf] K-theoretic Poirier-Reutenauer bialgebra, with R.Patrias, Discrete Mathematics, published.

[pdf] Puzzles in K-homology of Grassmannians, with J.Yang, preprint.

[pdf] Dual Filtered Graphs, with R.Patrias, Algebraic Combinatoricsto appear.
[pdf] Combinatorial Hopf algebras and K-homology of Grassmanians, with T.Lam, International Mathematical Research Notices, published.

Geometric R-matrices

[pdf] On the cluster nature and quantization of geometric R-matrices, with R. Inoue and T.LamPublications of the RIMS,  to appear.
[pdf] Toric networks, geometric R-matrices and generalized discrete Toda lattices, with R. Inoue and T.Lam, Communications in Mathematical Physics, published.


  [pdf]  Soliton cellular automata associated with infinite reduced words, with M.Glick and R.Inoue, preprint.

[pdf] Rigged Configurations and Cylindric Loop Schur Functions, with T.Lam and R.Sakamoto, Annales de L'Institut Henri Poincare D, to appear.

Electrical networks

[pdf] Inverse problem in cylindrical electrical networks, with T.Lam, SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, published.
[pdf] Electrical networks and Lie theory, with T.Lam, Algebra and Number Theory, published.

Schur positivity

[pdf] On products of sl_n characters and support containment, with G.Dobrovolska, Journal of Algebra, published.
[pdf] Schur positivity and Schur log-concavity, with T.Lam and A.Postnikov, American Journal of Mathematics, published.