MoWeFr 11:00AM - 12:00PM, 229 DENN

Homework 1, due 1/15/10

Homework 2, due 1/22/10

Homework 3, due 1/29/10

Homework 4, due 2/10/10

Homework 5, due 2/17/10

Homework 6, due 2/24/10

Homework 7, due 3/10/10

The course covers a variety of topics in algebraic combinatorics. The topics include: matrix-tree theorem, parking functions, sandpile model,  hyperplane arrangements, tilings, partitions, q-binomial coefficients, partially ordered sets, up and down operators, Young tableaux, hooklength formula, Polya enumeration and more if time allows.

The course will be self-contained. There are no prerequisites and no required or recommended text, although some knowledge of linear algebra would be useful.

Office hours: time TBA, 3831 East Hall.

Grading: based on homeworks.

Homework: you are asked to write down the best several (usually three or four) problems you can solve. The estimated difficulty is next to a problem, [2+] denotes an average problem, [2] a slightly easier one, [3-] a slightly harder one. You are allowed (and in fact encouraged) to work in teams. However, you must write down the solutions yourself, and you must mention who were your collaborators if you had any.