Pooled Resources Oversight

Next committee meeting: TBD in late summer or early fall, 2018.
Last meeting was April 9, 2018. Agenda, notes, and materials for previous meetings are available by contacting SAMinfo@ecy.wa.gov.

The PRO-C sent a formal update to the SWG in October 2017 (attached below) describing the successful management and encumbrance of SAM funds for the 2013-2018 permit cycle. Ecology's quarterly and annual reports to the PRO-C are posted on the SAM administration webpage
The SWG launched the Pooled Resources Oversight Committee (PRO-C, or PRO-Committee) in January 2014. The purpose of the PRO-C is to provide transparency and accountability in expending the Stormwater Action Monitoring (SAM) funds contributed by NPDES municipal stormwater permittees in western Washington. The PRO-C meets quarterly, and communicates additionally by email as needed. The official members of the PRO-C are:

·        Local government (permittee) representatives:
              Ben Parrish (Covington), Jim Simmonds (King Co), Theresa Thurlow (Federal Way), and Kevin Burrell 
(Chair, Seattle)

              Alternates: Don McQuilliams (Bellevue), Kit Paulsen (Bellevue), and Carla Vincent (Pierce Co); one vacancy.  

·        Non-permittee representatives: Abby Barnes (WDNR), Leska Fore (PSP), and Chris Konrad (Vice Chair, USGS).

              Alternates: Jay Davis (USFWS), Rich Sheibley (USGS), and Kelly McLain (WSDA).

·        Staff: SAM Coordinator Brandi Lubliner, SAM Scientist Keunyea Song, and SWG Project Manager Karen Dinicola (all Ecology employees).

In May 2012 the SWG approved a charter for this committee recommending the means by which the SWG and Ecology will interact in administering Stormwater Action Monitoring (SAM, the regional stormwater monitoring program) pooled resources accounts. The PRO-C advises Ecology on contracting decisions and provides oversight of SAM projects' scope, schedule, budget, and deliverables - following the prior recommendations of the SWG and determining whether new formal recommendations are needed.