I am an Assistant Professor of English at John Carroll University. After completing an undergraduate degree in mathematics at the University of Chicago, I did the natural thing and completed an MA and a PhD at the Centre for Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto. My research tends to focus on attitudes towards language, especially in multilingual contexts, and on the ways that texts can foster community, even across great distances in time and space. I am especially interested in the ways that owners and readers of books continue to participate in the making of those books. Recent or ongoing projects include papers on psalm culture and translation in Anglo-Saxon England, early modern encounters with medieval texts, and a monograph on linguistic distance and textual community.

Most of my teaching is rooted in medieval English literature, but I also teach Latin, the history of the English language, and a more sociolinguistically inclined course on English as a global language.

In memoriam: Christopher Roark (JCU Department of English)