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Auracature by Sterling

The Art of Visual Healing

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In-studio in-person Auracature Art Sessions are Currently Offered Weekly:

Tuesday - Thursday

9:00 am to 12:00pm

Weekends are reserved for workshops and presentations OR Sterling's rest time.

(Some Restrictions and Alterations May Apply)

Auracature Art Sessions are alternative, spiritual, artistic, creative, intuitive sessions directed toward healing, wellness, gift formation, and moving forward.

Auracature Art session NOW include a plaque with your positive inspiration image drawn by Sterling during your session. Processed energy information and potentially negative issues that arise during the session are written / drawn on paper with marker.  

You can display the Auracature on board and keep the other writings/drawings private if you wish.  

Some people find it therapeutic to burn or bury those papers because they feel free from issues that may have been holding them back in life. Some people like keeping them in their own Auracature journal so that they can read and reflect upon their sessions and/or track their progress moving forward. 

The Auracatures on Boards are drawn by a blessed feather quill and India Ink.  This nearly lost artform in Canada is even fun to watch without a session.  

Sessions are intended to take a therapeutic focus and are more like counselling or art therapy sessions than psychic readings.

Individual and Couple Sessions are offered.

Thousands of people have found the images very helpful and some still have them standing, framed beside their beds after 9+ years of receiving their Auracatures.  Clients have mentioned that the Auracatures act as reminders of their true person, their aspirations, strengths and dreams.  

Not offered are: fortune telling, parlor tricks, astrology. mediumship, and tarot card readings.

It is suggested that you book your session when you feel the call to embrace the "Healing" Auracture Art process and when you feel that the timing is right.  Your session is to be meaningful to you, come when you feel ready.

Auracature Art sessions range in prices and may change without notice or explanation.

Please obtain a quote from Kim before booking your session.

In Person Auracature Art Sessions Fees Schedule:

Package A:

60 minute session

1- 5"X7" Auracature on Board (AoB)

$120 CDN

Package B:

120 minute session + 1 of 3 options

B1: 1- 8"X10" (AoB)

B2: 2- 5"X7"  (AoB)

B3: 3- 5'X5"   (AoB)

$200 CDN

Package C:

150 minute sessions + 1 of 4 options

C1: 2- 8"X10" (AoB)

C2: 1- 8"X10" + 2- 5"X5" (AoB)

C3: 3- 5"X7" (AoB)

C4: 4- 5"X5" (AoB)

$260 CDN

Package D:

150 minute session (more or less)

1- 16"X16" (AoB)

$300 CDN

Telephone / Email Combination Sessions

(Sterling limits these sessions to people who feel that they require more of an urgent session time but cannot travel the distance to see him.)

60 minutes on phone

Client calls Sterling at agreed Time

Client forwards concerns and questions by email a few days before the phone session.

If images and writings come to Sterling before you phone session, he will email you that information prior to your phone conversation.

This service does not include an Auracature on Board.

$100 CDN

Auracature Art 

is Available for Purchase 

or by Commissioned Order.

16"X16"    = $250 CDN without an inspired written message from the Universe.

                  =$300 CDN with an inspired written message from the Universe.

20"X20"    = $350 CDN without an inspired written message from the Universe.

                 = $400 CDN with an inspired written message from the Universe.

32"X32"    = $500 CDN without an inspired written message from the Universe.

                 = $600 CDN with inspired written message from the Universe.

Watch Your 

Auracture Art Commission 

be Created in Person

For the 20"X20" ($400 CDN) and 32"X32" ($600 CDN) Auracatures on board, you have the option to sit at the table and watch it be created while you chat with Sterling.  The 20"X20" may take 2-4 hours to complete and the "32"X32" may take 3 to 8 hours to complete.  If you choose this option, please bring food and drink for both you and Sterling.

Due to the fragility of the India Ink, please note that artwork is cash and carry only.  

If you choose to have it shipped, it is your responsibility to arrange and pay for shipping.  Sterling Sinclair does not accept responsibility for shipping damage.

Sterling Sinclair NO Longer Offers Psychic Parties.

However Sterling Sinclair offers workshops, group gatherings, presentations, demonstrations and drumming for your family, business or organization.

Please talk to Kim regarding details and quoted fees.

Sterling Sinclair accepts cash or e-transfer before your session begins. 

Call Kim at: 613-473-0892

Write Kim at:

Session Notes 

to Help You Prepare 

for Your Session:  

                1/ If warm, dry weather permits, we will meet in the gazebo by the lake’s edge.  This is a special experience but it is only available when the weather is appropriate.

                2/ You may smoke outside or in one of my gazebos (depending on availability).  

                3/ Please wear comfortable clothing.  Stretchy, comfortable clothing makes for a more enjoyable session. The more you feel at home the better your session will go.

                4/ Please bring a friend and/or loved one with you.  They can help with note taking, offering support, asking questions or simply holding space while you concentrate.  This is not a mandatory requirement for a session but it is recommended.

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