Nature Inspires Auracature Style

Ever since Sterling Sinclair was a little boy, he lived / played / meditated / sat with the Ancestors / communed with the forest energies in the forest and along streams, rivers and lakes. Some of his fondest childhood memories are: collecting wintergreen berries, picking elderberries for his grandmother’s pies, fishing for speckled trout, and bringing home his mom tiny bouquets of mayflowers. In this sometimes scary world, he sought refuge with the trees and all the creatures who lived there.

Sterling’s artwork reflects this deep bond with the woods and bubbling natural water springs. He never lost his boyish sense of adventure and discovery. He created the Auracature style sitting among ancient grapevines and walking with the faeries.

Auracatures evoke this sense of peace, joy and most of all WONDER.

Sterling, an avid tree hugger, when asked about what his art means to him, he replied: Auracature Art is the medium through which I lovingly hug the world. It was through the many hugs from Creation that I created the art form.

It is my way of saying: “It will be okay. You are not alone. You are loved. You were born beautiful, just the way you were born to be. Never forget, we are all part of this magnificent Creation.” Most of all, Sterling says it inspires viewers to, “Never, Ever Give up! There is always HOPE!” On his YouTube channel, he sincerely means it when he says at the end of his videos: “I Loooove You. Smile.”

The following carousel images are some of the organic lines grown from nature in the woods where the Auracature Style and Process were born.

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