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The Wormhole Adventures: The Dickens You Say is the latest installment of my educational children's chapter book. In this adventure, the kids meet Charles Dickens. Travel along and learn many new and interesting facts about Mr. Dickens.

The Dickens You Say

The Wormhole Adventures: The Dickens You Say

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The Wormhole Adventures: Travel Is Relative

The Wormhole Adventures: Travel Is Relative introduces Barnaby, a talking raven, who stumbles upon an entry through time and space called a wormhole. He and his three new friends, Paul, Sebastian and Lynn, travel back in time where they meet the great physicist Albert Einstein. Einstein educates the children on his scientific theories. Much to the children’s surprise, Barnaby has his own fascinating story to tell.


“Here we are.” Barnaby announced to his three preoccupied companions.

“That was so awesome!” Sebastian burst out as soon as he realized it was over.

“You’re telling me!” exclaimed Paul.

“What just happened?” Lynn asked.

“We went through the wormhole or portal as I sometimes call it. It is how one travels through to other dimensions.” Barnaby replied as if it were any everyday experience. “It is a much more efficient way to travel, let me tell you. You see, time is parallel rather than linear. That is to say, there is no time. Everything is now.”

At this point, Lynn was just about ready to believe anything. “O.k. if you say so.”


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