Hope for college

All children deserve the opportunity to receive a higher education.

You're never to young (or old) to think about college. What do you want to do? What do you enjoy? What subjects do you do exceed in? Many children today face a world of poverty, adversity and hardship. The daily struggle to survive over shadows any educational aspirations they might have. They are told that college is an unattainable goal. They may be told to "face reality". Reality is what you make it. Reality is different for everyone and each child should be given hope instead of oppression.

There is also help for older students too. There are grants and assistance for single parents and academically challenged individuals. An older student can get credit for "life experience". This can save the student time and money. Explore all your options for there are many you may not even be aware of.


Nina Mason Pulliam Trust

The Nina Pulliam Trust is dedicated to providing a college education to under privileged students in Indiana and Arizona. Who they are.